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Resolution for the II Art Residency Espositivo 7B in collaboration with

Spain Fresh

In Madrid, on 23 July 2017

Resolution for the 2nd International Call for Residencies for Artists and Curators Espositivo 7B – 

Verdict of the jury composed by Espositivo (Ivan Cicchetti, Cintia Ramirez e Ignacio Tejedor), Spain Fresh (Leire Leguina: Associate Directos, Arts Manager and Events Coordinator & Javier Moreno: Founder and general Coordinator, Arts Manager Graphic Designer), Fosi Vegue (Photographer member of BLANK PAPER collective. Founder, director and teacher of BLANK PAPER school of photography) & Daniel Silvo (artist y curator, creator of Atelier Solar, Artistic Director of JustMad 9)

Artists Selected:


1. Florence Sweeney – from November, 27th to December, 21st
2. Tess Williams – from November, 2nd to November, 27th
3. Liane Lang – from October, 9th to November, 2nd
4. Oli Epp – from November, 2nd to November, 27th
5. Florencia Caiazza – from November, 27th to December, 21st
6. Philipe F. Augusto – from November, 27th to December, 21st
7. Arno Beck – from November, 2nd to November, 27th
8. Amalia Mourad – from October, 9th to November, 2nd
9. Taylor Anton White – from October, 9th to November, 2nd



Meet the selected artists!

About the Residency

Espositivo 7B

Espositivo 7B aims to connect the artists / curators who go through the Residency Program with their counterparts, and promote them with our contacts and our networks. In addition they are offered a monitoring of the project by the Espositivo team and its collaborators, and a possible participation in an annual collective or individual exhibition in our space or in external curatorial projects in collaboration with other centers.

Spain Fresh

Spain Fresh is positioned between the public and the private sectors. SPAIN FRESH is aware of the importance of being linked with public institutions, but at the same time we ponder the freedom and flexibility of dealing with private institutions and brands. We understand that nowadays, culture has to go through the collaboration between both of them and SPAIN FRESH wants to be in the middle, making it an easier process. We think that by organizing short festivals and programs in different cities is a powerful tool to promote our culture.

Spain Fresh will take charge of:

– First meeting with the artists by video conference
– Special hosting of the artists in
– Update the web artists’ information with their process and outcomes
– Dissemination of artists’ information through social networks


Is an independent platform of contemporary creation in Madrid that promotes the growth, connection and dialogue between artists, curators and people of the art world through our networks for the creation of something bigger. For us, searching and supporting new artists is basic. The activity of the center is divided into art gallery, art school, art resindecy,and Espositivo +D program of technology development in art and music is coming soon. We develop projects with public entities and usually work in collaboration with other spaces and artist residencies.

In this program, Espositivo offers to the residents:

-Housing and work studio for the artists with no charge
-Following-up the project
-Press releases
-Group exhibition
-Studio Visit

[ES]positivo is located at 

Calle Palafox 5
Madrid, Spain

The Art residency [ES]positivo 7B is located at 

Calle Jerónimo de la Quintana, 6 7B

Madrid, Spain

 Facebook | Instagram | Twitter: @espositivomad

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