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JULY 4  |  7PM - Midnight  |  Baby's All Right  | 146 Broadway St, Brooklyn, NY 

POLOCK (Valencia) 7pm

IZAL (Madrid) 8:30pm

DER PANTHER (Brooklyn) 10pm

TIMOTHY ALLEN (Brooklyn) 11pm

VORTEX (Madrid-Brooklyn) 11:30pm

​FREE!!! with rsvp here

* Mural Live Painting by Carla Fuentes.

* $5 Beer all night thanks to Mahou 5 Estrellas and Alhambra Especial.




Spain-Brooklyn Music Series is Back!

Spain Fresh and the Consulate General of Spain in New York present the third installment of Spain Brooklyn Music Series; a celebration of the independent music scene in the two sides of the Atlantic.



There is a vibrant scene in contemporary music in Spain. Different bands are breaking the 

notion of what is “Spanish Culture” or “Spanish Music” and they deserve promotion and visibility.



The new Spanish independent music has many links with Brooklyn’s bands. SPAIN FRESH wants to establish a dialogue between styles and music projects. 



Spain-Brooklyn Music series will be a celebration of the new Spanish Music, a bridge between 

music scenes and cultural communities.


Come and celebrate the Independence Day, with the best Independent Music!





Der Panther

Der Panther





About the bands:



Polock, a quintet of twenty something year olds, burst onto the scene in April 2010 with a record which had an unusual impact for a debut album by a Spanish band. ‘Getting down from the Trees’ was released in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In Japan, the group was the object of an unlikely campaign in the Tower record store, in which store clerks wore masks based on the album cover; and in their concert in Tokyo, all merchandising and records were sold out even before the band appeared on stage.


In Paris, Polock played to a packed Olympia. The group did two tours of the UK, and performed the length and breadth of Europe.


On their American tour, the gig in the South By Southwest was picked out by Billboard, and tickets quickly sold out in Washington and Los Angeles. In LA, Chris Douridas (ex AR of Dreamworks and the man who discovered Eels and Propellerheads) introduced the group as ‘the next big thing’. Blogotheque selected the group for their first recording in Spain.They were the Single of the Week in iTunes US and iTunes Mexico with ‘Fireworks’. 


Their music video was recorded by David Wright, Rory Child and Tom Gallon (the collective Black Sheep) for Flynn (behind the music videos for OK GO, Mystery Jets, The Futureheads, Snow Patrol, The Noisettes...). Swedish Lo-Fi Fnk remixed it.Their music has been used in television commercials in Spain and the USA. ‘Getting down from the Trees’ received the Independent Music Award for Best Music Production, and for their follow-up record couldn´t aim for anything less. Preparation work for ‘Rising up’ took more than one and a half years, and the album was recorded during the summer in a studio in a house overlooking the Mediterranean, imbuing every track with magical light. The audio mastering was done by Dave McNair (Bowie, Dylan, Maroon 5, Beck, etc).


Everything in ‘Rising up’ resounds with unusual power and maturity. The first single, ‘Everlasting’, is the proof that the band is in a different league. The album is an emotional roller-coaster ride against a backdrop which never ceases to be positive.



Izal is an indie rock band that was formed in 2010 in Madrid, Spain. Izal currently consists of lead singer Mikel Izal, bass guitarist Emanuel Perez, guitarist Alberto Perez, keyboardist Ivan Mella and drummer Alejandro Jorda.


The group released their first extended play, “Teletransporte”, after being a band for only a few months in 2010. While the six song extended play was not a commercial success, Izal started to build a small dedicated following of fans. After the release of “Teletransporte”, Izal played 60 concerts throughout Spain. They quickly gained a reputation as one of the best live rock bands in Spain. After appearing on the television channels Kiss TV and Sol Musica, Izal started to gain even more fans.


Izal would release their first full-length album, “Magia & Efectos Especiales”, on March 2012 independently, despite gaining national recognition. Izal had the opportunity to play 17 different music festivals after the release of their debut album. They were able to perform with Franz Ferdinand, Amaral, and Vampire Weekend and they received the Eye-Opening Group award at the 2013 Spanish Independent Music Awards. Izal would look to maintain their success with the release of their second album, “Agujeros de Gusano,” in October 2013. “Agujeros de Gusano” would sell over 1,000 copies in its first week of release, which would put the album at number eight on the Spanish music charts.



Der Panther is the latest band to sign to Primavera Sound festival’s label. Based in Madrid but with an international appeal, the duo is intent on not appearing in person and during their live acts they perform inside a cube onto which they project images. After several records on Evolving Tracks, their own label, ‘Lux’ is their first work on our label.


It is an LP that we think places them in an enviable position on the national scene. Their music moves between electronic and analogical sounds, between pop, psychedelia, dance and world music. The record has been mastered by Alan Douches, known for his work with artists such as Animal Collective, Two Gallants and Mice Parade.


‘Gecko’ is the first single from the album, a track that fuses experimental pop and electronic music and evokes an atmosphere that moves between Balearic beats and dance music. Imagine Animal Collective produced by James Murphy and you will be close to the spirit of a track that can be played in a club at 3 am or on a Mediterranean island at sunset.


But ‘Lux’ is not only an album of singles, it ́s a trip into the world of Der Panther, where electronic textures collide with bass and guitar riffs, and all the music that the duo have been listening for the last few years is apparent in one way or another: psychedelic, ambient, afrobeat, kraut rock, post punk, disco and a myriad of other styles appear on the seven tracks that make ‘Lux’ a one-of-a-kind album.



Timothy Allen, is a DJ living in Brooklyn. He is a resident at Baby’s All Right and he mixes the best sounds from the 60’s and 70’s with the the most eclectic of today.



Vortex started his career in Madrid at the beginning of the 2000s influenced by the sounds of the technopop, newwave, minimalwave, ebm, electro and postpunk. He played in cult clubs of the underground scene like DirtyParty@Coppelia101 , DiscoSucks@Stardust, TempleBeat@Razzmataz, Elastico, Le Garage, Tributo80, Astoria , Gris Bar, Bunker@Specka and Overflow. He was promoter of parties like Technoir@FlamingoClub and CanibalBar and some of his remixes were in the top ten of clubs like OchoyMedio and Razzmataz. 


In 2012 he moved to NYC with his personal vision of the retro electronic scene playing in parties like

Antro@Bedlam, BunnyFucker@MetropolitanBAr, IbizaParty@MetropolitanBar,

CruiseControl@NowhereBar, ScaryMary@NowhereBar or Fontanas amongst others.



Organized by:

SPAIN FRESH and the Consulate General of Spain in New York.


Sponsored by:




About Spain Fresh

Spain Fresh is a platform for the promotion of the culture and talent related to Spain abroad. It also enhances the creation of links among our artists, institutions and international circuits. Spain Fresh acts as a promotion agency, offering arts management services with high quality standards through multidisciplinary events, cultural programs and pop-ups, including a wide range of fields like music, fine arts, or film. Our main motivation are the collaborative projects that break boundaries and prejudices with the goal of reaching a new wider public.

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