We are Spain Fresh :)

SPAIN FRESH is a platform that promotes the emerging arts and culture related to Spain abroad 




Our main goals are:


1. To portray the new Spanish creative potential, breaking stereotypes and proposing new dialogues.


2. To insert multidisciplinary projects into the leading cultural circuits of different cities around the World. 


3. To establish bridges between countries, cities and people.



How do we do it?


We act as a platform with 3 different roles:


1. An agency that connects artists, institutions and galleries.

2. A brand, a label of quality.

3. Cultural managers and event planners.


What is "Fresh Culture"?


Culture that meets these 3 requirements:


1. It is young and vibrant.

2. It has been awarded and exhibited. 

3. It has a "GLOCAL" dialogue. It is both GLOBAL and LOCAL.


What are our tools?


We are positioned between the public and the private sectors. SPAIN FRESH is aware of the importance of being linked with public institutions, but at the same time we ponder the freedom and flexibility of dealing with private institutions and brands. We understand that nowadays, culture has to go through the collaboration between both of them and SPAIN FRESH wants to be in the middle, making it an easier process. We think that by organizing short festivals and programs in different cities is a powerful tool to promote our culture.