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Felix & Dexter Ciprian Guest Curators 2016

Felix and Dexter Ciprian are a brother artist duo working and living in Brooklyn, New York. They collaborate in a variety of mediums always with large hearts and eyes open wide.

They’ll be the first year-round curators for Spain Fresh’s new bank of ideas, artists and references: #FRESHCURATORS

Week after week, Felix and Dexter will introduce artists and inspirational notes that influence in their lifes and that reflect the current art scene in New York City.

As they say: "The New York art world is like a giant planet. It holds countless ecosystems within it, each multi-layered, complex and ever changing. It takes immense efforts to traverse its vastness and it’s nearly impossible to define neatly. Every day holds the promise of endless discovery. Everyday holds the promise of a challenge. Every day you are dared to raise and share your voice".

Check out their introduction video here:

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