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Good Vibes, Good Mood, Good Evereything... | Ane Guerra

There’s a lot of information, usually too much. There’s also those who are able to transmit it with a sense of humor and charm. In this instance, Ane does it perfectly and with admirable happiness. And it’s not only because she’s a journalist or manager of La Monda Magazine, but simply because Ane is synonymous to joy.

De información hay mucha, normalmente demasiada. Después hay los que son capaces de transmitirla con humor, con gracia. En este caso, Ane lo hace perfectamente y con admirable facilidad. Y no porque sea periodista o diriga la revista La Monda Magazine, simplemente porque Ane es sinónimo de felicidad.

Ane Guerra

La Monda Magazine

Facebook: @ane.guerra.5 Instagram: @takemebacktotulsa

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